Jacobs Manufacturing Corporation

Jacobs Manufacturing Corp is an American owned and operated company since 1972. The company was founded in a small Oklahoma town with a vision to provide quality fiberglass products to the waste water industry. This vision became reality as the company grew and perfected the art of manufacturing fiberglass products.

In 1997, Jacobs Manufacturing moved to Grove, OK to expand the business. The new facility allowed us to grow and expand on our products and the industries in which we service.

In 2009, Jacobs Manufacturing had to add on to the shop to accommodate the growing business. The new space allowed us to modernize the facility and bring in specialized equipment that enables the company to stay on the cutting edge of new technology. This new environment has also allowed Jacobs Mfg to enhance on the quality of our products and build on customer satisfaction.


Jacobs Manufacturing continues to expand on our product line. Jacobs Mfg has taken on various specialty projects with high success. We encourage our staff to perfect the art of fiberglass therefore allowing us to take on new challenges daily. Jacobs Mfg has built a team of employees with specialized training in fiberglass to manufacture our fiberglass products, while our quality control department works diligently to maintain a reputation that took years to build. If you can think it and put it on paper, we can build it. Jacobs Mfg stands by our work and proudly maintains that all our products are made in America.


Jacobs Manufacturing looks forward to growing with each dream. We encourage creative new ideas and inventions. We take pride in maintain long term relationships with all our past and present clients. We also look forward to doing business with our future clientele. Jacobs Mfg is not too big to care about the little guy, so give us a call and see what we can do for you.