Fiberglass Stop Log

Fiberglass Stop Log

All FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) stop logs are manufactured of reinforced copolymer composite (fiberglass reinforced polyester), totally encapsulating an internal reinforcing structures. To protect and to assure maximum service life, the resin is treated with ultraviolet-stabilizers. Our logs are seamless to protect the inner structural members from corrosion and corrosive chemicals.

Structural reinforcing is utilized to attain the necessary stiffness needed to meet deflection requirements and the entire log is encapsulated with a laminate not less than 1/4" thick on each side to insure against any permeation by water to the core areas. Stop logs will be provided with stainless steel allthread lifting pins that extend through the gate, and permanently secured to the logs with stainless steel nuts and washers.

Each stop log will be marked to reference its intended location.

Stop Log Guides

Stop Log Guides will be made of FRP and are designed to be embedded in grout. Stop Logs will be built to Engineering specifications, unless otherwise noted.

Stop Log Features

  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Lower installation cost.
  • Mechanically fixed renewable seals.
  • Custom built.
  • Stainless steel lifting pins.


  • Stop Logs are a hydraulic engineering control element that is used in floodgates to control the water level or adjust the flow rate. Custom built to your specifications.

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