Fiberglass Building

Jacobs Manufacturing buildings are corrosion resistant, light weight, easy to install, and maintenance free. They provide all weather protection from cold, heat, snow, rain, winds, salt spray and dust. Our buildings house pumps, electrical gear, chlorination equipment, field mounted instrumentation, generation equipment, transmission communication, and pollution monitoring equipment; as well as other personnel uses.

Jacobs Manufacturing buildings range in size from 2’ to 40’ in width and/or length and 4’ to 16’ in height. Buildings can be shipped in one or more pieces, depending on the size. We can design a floor plan to meet your specifications. Buildings come with single and/or double doors. Buildings can also be supplied with partitions for multi-room requirements.

Building Features

  • Molded in one piece construction.
  • Rigid Composit / Sandwich Construction.
  • Buildings have a 4" wide internal mounting flange around the inside perimeter.
  • Buildings exterior have a Tan Or White Gelcoat Finish with U.V. Inhibitors (other Colors available upon request).
  • Engineered Protection: 125 mph wind and 35 lb/ft snow loading. We can accomodate higher wind and snow loads.
  • Encapsulated 1" rigid polyisocyanurate foam insulation R-6.06 rating.
  • Standard FRP doors 36" x 78" with SS continuous hinge and SS keyed commercial door lockset. Custom doors are available upon request.
  • Cadmium Plated Building Lifting Eyes provided in roof
  • Neoprene Door Seal Gaskets.
  • All Electrical components are prewired and tested (Based on Customer options added).
  • Buildings come in all sizes, We will design and fabricate a building to meet your specific application.

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General Design

Buildings are ideal for use in areas of corrosive chemicals and high humidity. The exterior surface comes standard with white or tan gel-coat; however, other colors are available if desired. Our gel-coats are designed to maintain their luster and resist weathering. The building is designed for low maintenance. It is recommended that the building be washed occasionally using water and a mild soap solution inside and out to prolong the luster of the finish. wall and roof dimensions may vary (+) or (-) 1/4" and the wall thickness may vary (+) 1/8" inch (-) 1/16" inch.


Buildings and doors are constructed of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, molded by hand lamination process. The 3/32" exterior laminate is chemically bonded to the gel coat. Rigid polyisocyanurate foam is then laminated to the exterior laminate. Ribs on 16" centers are incorporated at this time. The laminate is then finished with an 1/8" fiberglass interior laminate.

Gel-Coat and Surface Coat

All gel coats and surface coating are a chemical resistant neopentyl glycol based polyester resin Gel-Coat and Surface Coat resin. Pigments are selected for their long term weatherability in corrosive applications.

Fiberglass Reinforcement:

Fiberglass reinforcement of the outer laminate shall consist of three plies of 1-½ ounce per foot chopped strand mat. The inner laminate shall consist of two plies of 1-½ ounce per foot chopped mat.

Lamination Resin:

The laminating resin is a rigid orthophthalic polyester, suitable for use in corrosive conditions.


Modified polyisocyanurate rigid foam, one inch thick, shall be used throughout as insulation. Our Insulation has a K-factor of .14 BTU in/hr/ft/F degree, R-6.06 per inch rating. The insulation is completely encapsulated in FRP.

Additional Features

  • Building insulation available from 1" (R-6.06) to 4" (R-24.24)
  • Single (36" x 78")
  • Double (72" x 78")
  • Custom sizes based on your needs
  • Overhead Roll-up
  • Lexan door window (12" x 12" standard)
  • Standard Stainless Steel Lockset
  • Stainless Steel Panic Hardware
  • 3 Point Hardware with padlock handle
  • Door closer & Door stop
  • Door installed with continuous Stainless Steel Hinge
  • Stainless Steel strap hinges
  • Vaportight Incandescent Fixtures
  • Vaportight Fluorescent Fixture
  • HPS Wall Pack Fixture
  • Alarm Lighting
  • Emergency Exit lighting
  • Intake and exhaust fans for corrosive and non-corrosive environments
  • Alum or Fiberglass shutters available
  • Shutter motors
  • Electric resistant heaters
  • Wall mount air conditioners
  • Wall mount heat pumps
  • Thermostats supplied as required
  • Load Centers (Single and 3-Phase available in all sizes)
  • Transformers (not standard but can provide if required)
  • Receptacles (15 Amp and 20 Amp in weatherproof box)
  • Fan and Light switch (interior and exterior applications)
  • Door switches for lighting application

Standard electrical installed with Corrosion resistant schedule 40 PVC conduit and weatherproof enclosures. Explosion proof wiring also available. All wiring per current NEC.

The Manufacturer shall furnish a one piece molded fiberglass reinforced polyester insulated building as manufactured by Jacobs Manufacturing Corp. Building shall have the following overall exterior dimensions ( ) wide X ( ) deep X a side wall clearance of ( ) at eave height. Building shall contain one (36" x 78") single door(s).

Shelter shall withstand 125 miles per hour wind load and a 35 pound per square foot snow load. Fiberglass reinforced plastic buildings shall be of one piece molded construction with composite walls and roof. Exterior surface shall be gel-coat (white or tan) with a smooth finish and free from fiber patterns, roughness or other irregularities. Exterior laminate which is chemically bonded to the gel-coat shall be a minimum of 1/8" thick.. The Laminate consisting of polyester resin and chopped strand fiberglass shall have a minimum glass content of 30%.

A minimum of 1" thick insulation shall be used for the core material and shall have an R-6.06 value. The core material shall be rigid closed cell, self extinguishing polyisocyanurate foam with a density of 2 pounds per cubic foot. The molding shall be continuous forming a one-piece molded composite shelter with an integral 4" wide internal mounting flange around the perimeter. The flange shall be pre-drilled on 12" centers with a 5/8" diameter hole for bolting to a structural fiberglass floor or a concrete pad.

A one piece molded fiberglass composite door shall be 1-3/4" thick and typical to materials of construction of the walls. The door shall be mounted using a continuous stainless steel hinge. The door shall be provided with a one point keyed stainless steel latch. Size and quantity of door may vary due to application. Door shall have one (12" x 12") lexan window. (Optional) The door gasket shall be extruded closed cell neoprene rubber bulb and provide a weather tight seal.

A minimum of two cadmium plated lifting eyes shall be provided for lifting the building. Lifting eyes may be removable after installation. Wood shall not be permitted for use in reinforcement or structural support. FRP building shall be a wood free structure.

Laminate Properties Value Test Method
Tensile Strength 19,900 PSI ASTM D638
Flexural Strength 32,100 PSI ASTM D790
Shear Strength 12,000 PSI ASTM D732
Barcol Hardness 60 ASTM D2583
Impact 12 ft lbs/inch ASTM D256
Heat Distortion Point 175 deg F ASTM D384
Density/Specific Gravity 93.6 PCF/1.5 ASTM D792
Burning Characteristics <150 Flame Spread
<1000 Smoke Density