Fiberglass Enclosure

Jacobs Manufacturing Corporation all-weather Fiberglass insulated enclosures and Back Flow Boxes, are tough and corrosion resistant, light-weight, insulated to R-6.06 rating, easy to install, and maintenance free. They provide all weather protection from cold, heat, snow, rain, winds, saltspray, and dust.

Enclosure Features

  • Laminated fiberglass construction.
  • Ultra-violet stabilized inhibitors.
  • Insulated for strength and sound protection.
  • Hasp to provide a secure lockable enclosure.
  • Gasketed lid to provide a complete weatherproof seal.
  • Mounting flange for ease of installation.
  • Vented enclosures.
  • Telescopic props to hold lid up during installation and maintenance


  • Exhaust fan with louvers.
  • Exhaust fan thermostat.
  • Thermostat controlled heater.
  • Custom colors available.
  • 5’ stainless steel butterfly vents.


  • Pump Guards
  • Back flow preventer.
  • Electrical housing.
  • Equipment housing.

Enclosure Sizes

  • All sizes available.

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