Fiberglass Pump Cover

Jacob’s all-weather Pump Covers are tough and corrosion resistant, light-weight, easy to install, and maintenance free. They provide all-weather protection from cold, heat, snow, rain, winds, salt-spray, and dust.

Our pump house pumps, electrical gear, chlorination equipment for sewage disposal plants and industrial waste treatment, field-mounted instruments, generation equipment, transmission, communications and pollution monitoring equipment, as well as personnel uses.

Pump Cover Features

  • Molded in one piece rigid hand laid construction.
  • Pump covers are designed for hinge mounting to support the base.
  • Insulation is optional.
  • Pump covers have U.V. inhibitors added.
  • Pump covers can be built to customers specifications.

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General Design

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pump covers are designed for easy and rapid installation in areas of corrosive chemicals and high humidity. The exterior surface is Tan gel coated (other colors available) for attractiveness, excellent weatherability, and low maintenance.


FRP pump covers are constructed of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, molded by hand lamination process. The exterior is gel coated with a FRP back up. The panel is then covered with 1" of rigid polyisocyanurate insulation: over which FRP is laminated, creating a rigid sandwich laminate. The pump cover is attached to a concrete base with a hinge.

Gel-Coat and Surface Coat

All gel coats and surface coating are a chemical resistant neopentyl glycol based polyester resin. Pigments are selected for their long term weatherability in corrosive applications.

Lamination Resin:

The laminating resin is a rigid orthophthalic polyester, suitable for use in corrosive conditions.


Modified polyisocyanurate rigid foam one inch thick shall be used through out as insulation. Insulation has a K-factor of .14 BTU in/hr/ft/F degree, R-6.06 per inch. Insulation shall be completely encapsulated with FRP.


The Pump Cover is designed for low maintenance. It is recommended that the Pump cover be washed occasionally using water and a mild soap solution inside and out to prolong the luster of the finish.

Condition of Liability

The manufacturer reserves the right to alter details of construction, without prior notice; to the extent that the use of the building is not materially affected.

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